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Virtual Trade Centerwas developed by Trevi Media to provide convenience and joy of shopping for contemporary global community. At Virtual Trade Center you will find exclusive products and services never before available to general public at affordable prices. Trevi Virtual Trade Center is a place for intellectuals and everybody who enjoys and values art, history, culture, music, gourmet recipes and spicy jokes. Virtual Trade Center offers comprehensive selection of the finest international artwork available. Included in our collection are original paintings, icons, limited edition prints and jewelry, hand-embellished works on gold and silver, unique decorated armory, Royal carriages replicas. is a creative environment for myriad of talents in art, graphic design, film production, animation, fine art, exquisite designer jewelry, decorated arms, art photography, software and business development. —showcases Designer jewelry collection of unique and original Faberge factory established by the order of Tsar Peter the Great. It is the only factory in the world, which possesses and tightly guards an original Carl Faberge secret of applying hot guilloche heat enamel fusion onto precious metals – silver, gold and platinum. Many big names in jewelry industry, including Tiffany and Cartier tried to replicate Faberge secret and failed. The artists represent glorious heritage of legendary jewelry masters such as Faberge, Ovchinnikov, Grachev and Khlebnikov. The artisan creations of our collection stand out among others by high level of workmanship, originality and splendid design. The most amazing creations are silver and gold decorated with enamel and reviving legacy of disappearing Russian school of enamel painting and becoming of interest to both private and museum collections. The artists are true virtuosos of ancient art of portraits and icons enamel painting framed into extremely sophisticated combination of silver and gold filigree. Guests may commission our renowned artist to create museum quality replicas of Faberge eggs, boxes, frames, filigree sets of table ornaments, vases and jewelry in gold or sterling silver, decorated with diamonds or other precious stones. They may create eternity for them self or beloved ones, family or child's portrait by incorporating it in any of enamel products in our collection. High-quality, clear photo will be a key to a successful portrait. —offers collection of original images available for downloads from famous Tretyakov Gallery. Here guests can find images of Brulov and Aivazovsky, Shishkin and Levitan, Rublev and Dionisy icons, legendary Repin, Surikov, Savrasov, Perov, Vrubel, Korovin, Serov, Levitsky, Keprinsky, Malevitch, Petrov-Vodkin paintings and many, many others genius Russian world renown artist.

We are proud to showcase the work of the world's most collectible contemporary artists. represents established highly sought-after artists as well as newly emerging talents. Our works of art range in style from landscape to abstract to conceptual.
At Trevi Gallery guests may commission painters - restorers of world renowned museums to create a museum quality (undistinguishable from original) replica of any painting by your favorite painter, or their portrait, or picture of entire family. —offers unique decorated long blade armory, interior and religious objects skillfully designed and manufactured by exclusive purveyor for Moscow Kremlin. Special place in our collection belongs to collectible original series and limited edition of Kalashnikov Arms dedicated to the oldest and world wide recognized arm inventor, designer and engineer Mikhail Kalashnikov. Each set comes with original signature of Mr. Kalashnikov and passport of authenticity. These weapons received the highest recognition in many domestic and international exhibitions. The finest samples of these weapons are stored in Kremlin Museum – Armory, country’s most precious and timeless collection delighting experts and connoisseurs. —multilingual interactive animated E-cards and calendars. Free Love poems, holiday’s greetings, funny or philosophical quotes of famous people will help to enhance your very special e-greeting available for print. At you will find fine art images from Tretykov gallery and contemporary artists to create and send an e-card or an astonishing calendar to your loved ones, friends and Family. Use our virtual key board to type and print your wishes or messages in your own language or dialect whatever it might be: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish or any other language known today on planet provide an opportunity for your recipient to print created by you e-card either with our images or with yours. Please use our planner to plan ahead your e-cards greetings and events to be send by us automatically. Become a club member of  Just register and save —specializing in reproduction of 17-19th centuries royal carriages and creating new style fairy tale luxurious models for our contemporary life style. All models are equipped with modern days’ features allowing you to experience beauty and romantics of the 17-19th centuries travel with contemporary comfort. All carriages designed per our customers order and can be completed with options of your choice. is a collection of unique and original recipes of international cuisine. Gourmet  photo album with detail cooking instructions of authentic, grandma recipes adapted to your contemporary life style. All of our gourmet recipes are easy, fast and enjoyable to cook. Very simple, but elegant presentations which do not require special training, just desire to please and amaze your dear gests. Our free online easy gourmet recipes are delicious and for every budget. —a collection of spicy jokes practically on every subject written for everybody to enjoy. Everybody is welcome to add their own in the category of their choice. has a happy button for free and easy games, so you can take pleasure at any time even during your lunch break. offers distinctive vision in fine art photography, digital art, unique custom web design, 3D animation, graphics, publishing and photo restoration. We are the only ones who developed unique methodology of still image animation for commercial and consumer services. Explore Trevi Studio web site and you will find many useful services dedicated to enhance your business goals and daily life. —The leader in emerging technologies development, provider of integrated e-business and e-commerce solutions, custom web sites design and publishing is headquartered in the State of Illinois, serving Chicago and business community world wide. Trevi is a business strategy firm focusing on technology utilization to enhance enterprise performance.


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