Trevi Media is the developer of Virtual Trade Center (VTC). VTC has an unlimited number of virtual space, available for advertisement of myriad of companies and services around the world who desire to be among the best and reputable contestants in business. Consequently, VTC can accommodate an unlimited number of virtual "tenants" at reasonable prices. Currently, the site accommodates 14 tenants - independent businesses. The software supporting VTC is a replacement for the traditional hierarchical HW/SW.It is more flexible, scalable and broadly functional system supporting unique and highly diversified business model. VTC designed to address needs of a broad customer base ranging from consumer to corporate clientele.

Our clients can advertise their existing business or order from us modern e-Commerce solutions for the rapidly changing internet and business paradigm.

Integrated e-Business Solutions:
Trevi Enterprise Suite's key differentiator suite differentiators
Fully integrated with Accounting / ERP & CRM.

Our Approach — Single Set of Business Logic Unifies the Company.

Designed for Today's Connected World — Enterprise Suite is an application that uses the latest web services technology to securely connect to data over the internet. Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) e-Commerce Ready — Going online has never been easier with a single point of data controlling both your website and back office operations. Pricing and other business rules work identically in both the e-Commerce website and back office application.

Real Time Data — With our new technology you can run your entire company from your local server or web server. With your website and backend operations running from the same server your entire business can run in real time without compromise.

Connected Business Platform (CBP) —Trevi Enterprise Suite was developed on the Connected Business Platform. This allows it to be easily customized and extended via third party CBP plug-in applications. Never again your business will be locked into inflexible environment of a legacy application(s) that can not be modified to meet demands and dynamics of constantly changing business paradigm.

With only one application to learn, use and maintain, users will have more time to focus on their core competencies and the needs of their business and not the needs of their system.

Trevi Media is an advertisement, business consulting and software development company helping businesses smoothly move into new millennium. Trevi leading edge experienced technologists, architects, engineers and project managers will assist your business to improve its performance and with help of emerging new technologies and unique business model go ahead of your competition.